Having a smile free from imperfections is more possible than ever before with the many aesthetically enhancing services we offer. It is our pleasure at Main Street Dentistry to help our patients improve the appearance of their smiles. We recommend these procedures according to each patient’s individual desires and concerns. Whether you need a straighter, whiter or more symmetrical smile, we can help. To learn how our cosmetic dentistry services can enhance your smile, we invite you to view the page below. You can also get a more comprehensive treatment plan during a consultation with our dentists.

We may likely recommend you consider cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver, Washington, if you have chipped, cracked, stained or otherwise unsightly teeth. It is our ultimate goal to help you achieve a smile that is beautiful and builds your confidence. With our experienced and caring team working alongside Dr. Brian Mahoney, we are sure that you can feel comfortable with your treatment and confident in the results. To get in touch with our office and receive more information regarding our various services, please contact us at 360-696-2513. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you the attractive and healthy smile you deserve.