Our dentists are always looking for more ways that he can help restore the smile that you deserve! Because of this, Dr. Brian Mahoney is happy to offer dental crowns in Vancouver, Washington. Dental crowns are an effective restorative treatment because they have several uses. Most often you will see them used to help a tooth that has experienced significant damage or decay. However, dental crowns can also be used to protect a tooth following certain procedures, provide an anchor to attach a dental bridge, cover over a dental implant, improve a misshapen tooth, or strengthen a tooth that has been damaged. The dental crown that our dentist constructs for you will be custom designed to fit your tooth, as well as the teeth around it. This means that you can keep the natural coloring of your teeth and still have a full and bright smile!

Based on your personal dental needs, a dental crown could be the solution you need! If you have questions regarding this procedure or if you need to have a dental crown placed, please give Main Street Dentistry a call today at 360-696-2513 and one of our team members will be happy to help you.