If you or someone you know needs root canal therapy in Vancouver, Washington, please contact Main Street Dentistry today! Our dentist and his experienced team are happy to provide the quality care every patient deserves. When you hear the words “root canal treatment,” there can often be a negative association. Dr. Brian Mahoney understands this and is committed to showing each patient the attention and personalized care they deserve!

Root canal therapy is generally needed when the tooth pulp becomes infected or damaged. This happens over time and if left untreated can turn into an infection. By removing the infected tissue from within the tooth, our dentists can then fill it with new medicated material that is designed to promote oral health and keep the integrity of the tooth. Once the area has been filled we will then cap the tooth with a restoration, usually is a dental crown. This crown will be customized to fit your smile, giving you the ability to smile confidently knowing you have a healthy and strong smile!

If you have questions regarding root canal therapy, please call our office at 360-696-2513 to speak with our team members!