It is our pleasure at Main Street Dentistry to offer our patients some of the highest quality restorative care possible. Restorative dentistry is a specialized focus of oral healthcare that concentrates on the reparation and recovery of teeth that have been damaged or decayed. The goal of restorative dentistry is to improve the health and function of a tooth. So, whether that damage is caused by trauma, decay, infection or natural aging, Dr. Brian Mahoney is here to help you regain your smile. We offer the following restorative services at our practice, which you may read more about below:

All dental care services begin with an examination done by our dentists. Depending on your oral condition, we will recommendation a treatment plan to restore your smile. With this plan, your smile can once again be beautiful, functional and healthy. Dental restorations are made to feel comfortable and natural and compliment your smile’s overall appearance. Having a smile with improved functionality also means you can enjoy your favorite meals and social occasions without insecurity. To get in touch with our office and arrange a consultation for restorative dentistry in Vancouver, Washington, we invite you to call us at 360-696-2513.